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Subject: Re: [docbook] How to mark up a path?

Jirka Kosek wrote:
 > Tobias Reif wrote:
 >> None of the following seems appropriate:
 >> <filename>doc/jing.html</filename>
 > This seems perfectly reasonable for me.

Yes, but not to me :)
It doesn't make sense to argue about that if the goal is to reach 
consesus since our requirements seem to be different.

To elaborate on why I'm not really happy with the above
(again, it's cool if you're happy with it, but that's not the point):

file name:
... marked up as file name:

relative directory path:
absolute directory path:
relative file paths:
   doc/jing.html  jing.html
absolute file path:

("jing.html" can be a file name or a file path)

There is a difference between a file path and a file name which is 
significant in some cases, in which I'd like to express that difference 
via markup. (note: I don't say that this would be your requirement)

I think I might be happy with an element named path, but I'm not sure.



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