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Subject: Re: [docbook] [WebsiteDTD] Attribute dir of <tocentry>

At 19:09 29/07/2003 +0200, Oliver Fischer wrote:
>in Website, the <tocentry> element has an attribute dir. As far as I 
>understood, it is used to define the output directory of the file 
>specified via the attribute filename and its value is 'inhertited' by the 
><tocentry> elements below the containing <tocentry> element.
>If it is right, one question more: Why isn't it used too for the document 
>specified in the page attribute?

I use it as

  <tocentry page="sect21.xml" dir="sect2" filename="sect21.html" tocskip="0">
         <tocentry page="nono.xml"  filename="nono.html"/>

which makes the file nono.xml be transformed into non.html in directory

I *think* page="directory/file.xml" will work to pick up
a source file from a 'relative' directory location.

Note that it won't create directories,
it will only use them if they exist.

HTH DaveP 

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