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Subject: RE: [docbook] Future DocBook Ruminations - Modular Source Files & XInclude

At 17:20 20/08/2003 +0100, Wills, Robert wrote:
> > You haven't really described what problems your proposal is meant to
> > solve -- what the intended goal is.
>Good point. Let's start at the beginning.
>Am I missing something obvious here, or does everyone else with big
>documents just take a "big-bang" approach to grammar validation by only
>doing it when processing the whole document?

Not 'big' by some standards, but simple entities suffices for a few hundred 
Each (your example) is validated at section level,
then a separate 'book' element pulls all the sections into a blank framework
with the entities resolved from either dummies or the actual material for 
   Dup id values edited at source prior to integration.

Unsure why that hadn't been considered... or did I miss something.

regards DaveP

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