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Subject: RE: [docbook] Adding a new element to docbook

Thank you both very much for your replies. I usually have problems when I
try to use a public identifier (I get a "Connection refused" error
message), so I switched to using a system identifier. Is that okay if I do

Here is now what mydocbk.dtd now looks like:

<!ENTITY % local.tech.char.class "|footer">
<!ENTITY % local.divcomponent.mix "|footer">
<!ENTITY % DocBookDTD SYSTEM "file:///C:/DocBook/DTD/docbookx.dtd">


<!ELEMENT footer (%para.char.mix;|%para.mix;)*>

Something is still amiss, though, because my output appears as follows:

This is only a sample.

<footer>This is the footer</footer>

My hunch is that it has to do with line 2 in my dtd. I wasn't quite sure
where I was supposed to put that line, so I just guessed.

             Jeff Beal                                                     
             com>                                                       To 
                                       "'Bob Stayton'" <bobs@sco.com>,     
             08/22/2003 12:34          JABakken@dstsystems.com             
             PM                                                         cc 
                                       RE: [docbook] Adding a new element  
                                       to docbook                          

> > <!ENTITY % DocBookDTD PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.2//EN">
> > %DocBookDTD;
> This PUBLIC identifier is for the SGML version of the
> DocBook DTD.  Since you are using XML, you need
> to use:
> "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.2//EN"

One more thing: XML *requires* a system identifier.  So, this line needs to

You can also use a local URI if you haven't configured a catalog yet.

(This is where the error message is coming from.  The parser just sees that
the character immediately following the public identifier is not
white-space, so spits out this message.  It would be nice if the message
were "missing system identifier" instead.)

Jeff Beal

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