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Subject: Does <subjectterm/> = PSI (Published Subject Identifier)?

Hi Guys,

I am interested in testing the use of "../subjectset/subject/subjectterm"
from docbook DTD to identify PSI (Published Subject Identifiers) information
for Topicmaps. Firstly, I am not sure whether it was specifically meant to
be used for PSI's, does anyone have opinions on this?

Secondly, although I'm familiar with the unique id mechanism that Docbook
Website uses to autogenerate navigation, I am still wondering the best way
to autogenrate more powerful topicmaps information for navigation using the
<subjectterm/> and the most appropriate way to do it! Does anyone have any
have any XSLT, hints, tips, or perls of wisdom for generating topicmaps from
docbook xml??

And lastly, does anyone have around a 1000 docbook xml documents I could use
offline just for testing purposes?

Many thanks in advance for any help or comments



I have recently joined Oasis so I am still a little bit unfamiliar with how
it all works. I'm currently a Prospective Member for OASIS DocBook TC and a
Prospective Member OASIS Topic Maps Published Subjects TC.


| Gary Cornelius | gary@cornelius.bz |
|   2 Fairways, Bath. BS31 3HX. UK   |
|       Mobile: +447977 121184       |

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