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Subject: XSL Toolchain

It is with much shame that I turn to the list to help with what should  
be a fairly trivial question.  I've checked the lists (I think), done  
some investigations, and have clearly missed something obvious.  I'm  
trying to transform a DocBook xml document into a PDF file using  
DocBook XSL 1.63.0, FOP 0.25.0, XalanJ 2.5.1, and XerxesJ 2.5.0

I run my source file through "docbook-xsl-1.62.0/fo/docbook.xsl" and  
everything seems to come out clean.  Then I pass the result through  
"docbook-xsl-1.62.0/fo/fo-patch-for-fop.xsl" and again no errors  
appear.  Finally I run things through FOP and the result is a whole  
bunch of:

[ERROR] property - "background-position-horizontal" is not implemented  
[ERROR] property - "background-position-vertical" is not implemented  
Error creating background image: Error creating FopImage object  
(http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/images/draft.png) : Jimi image  
library not available
[ERROR] Unknown enumerated value for property 'relative-align': baseline
[ERROR] Error in relative-align property value 'baseline':  
org.apache.fop.fo.expr.PropertyException: No conversion defined

Followed by the previously documented:

Discipline%20of%20Design/DiscOfDesign.fo.fop:2:28750 master-reference  
'' for fo:page-sequence matches no simple-page-master or  

I'm mostly confused since I get the impression from a fast scan that  
"fo-patch-for-fop.xsl" is designed specifically to address this problem.

Help!  Thanks in advance :)

Jason Foster

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