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Subject: Macros / Entities with custom parameters?


I'm trying to find how to write some kind of macro or entity with custom parameters
that are reused when the entity is expanded. I am not sure it is very clear, so
here is an example :

I want something like "&dbtag($$$$$);"
(where dbtag is the entity name, and $$$$$ is a parameter like "section" for instance)
to be expanded in :
<ulink url="url_to_docbook_doc/$$$$$"> <sgmltag>$$$$$</sgmltag></ulink>

I search in the DocBook and XML docs but I cannot find anything. May be with SGML?

The better workaround I found would be to do (if $$$$$ is used 2 times):
"&macro_beginning; $$$$$$$ &macro_middle; $$$$$$$ &macro_end;"
but this not very elegant...
An other way would be to add a new tag in the dtd and also new xslt rules to handle
it but that's too much work!

If anyone could at least confirm that it's not possible...

Antoine Calando

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