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Subject: Transitioning SGML docbook to XML, preserving formatting

I've got a bunch of SGML docbook (4.1.2) that I'm trying to move to XML 
docbook. Up till now, I've been processing the SGML with jade and the cygnus 
stylesheets to produce HTML. I'm trying to move to xsltproc and the standard 
modular stylesheets from sourceforge.

While processing is fine, I'm having some trouble fine-tuning the HTML output. 
In particular:

1) <colspec colwidth="2in"> doesn't seem to affect the HTML output at all 
unless I set <xsl:param name="use.extensions">1</xsl:param>,  in which case I 
get the error message

No adjustColumnWidths function available.

2) <sidebar> elements were surrounded by a border in the jade output. Is there 
a way to copy this behavior? 

Thanks in advance,

pub  1024D/FEA2A3FE 2002-06-18 Adriaan de Groot <groot@kde.org>
     Key fingerprint = 934E 31AA 80A7 723F 54F9  50ED 76AC EE01 FEA2 A3FE

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