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Subject: Re: [docbook] [DBX5] Is this a DocBook document?

Jirka Kosek wrote:
> I don't see how your message is related specificly to DocBook,

The "DBX5" in the subject line stands for "DocBook XML 5", the next 
version of DocBook which will be RNG-based not DTD-based.

Norm is designing DBX5. Today he posted this on his blog:
"Next up: retooling xjparse, the command-line script I rely on to 
validate XML documents, so that it does RNG validation instead. This'll 
bang me right up against the “how do I know what schema to apply” 
problem. But that needs thought anyway.

I won't be completely free until DocBook has moved to RELAX NG. And I'm 
going to be haunted by the occasional entity declaration for a while too."

Since I had (also) thought about the same question ("how do I know what 
schema to apply") for the last months, I thought I should post my 
thoughts, here. I don't think it's offtopic, I'm proposing to add 
attributes to the next DBX schema (RNG/WXS/DTD), and I'm proposing to 
add certain statements to the specification of the next DocBook 
(required version attribute on the root element etc).

> but some 
> proposal on field in the question already exists:
> http://www.thaiopensource.com/relaxng/nrl.html

I know about NRL, there might be more proposals. I didn't yet read the 
whole NRL doc, but it seems my (draft) proposal does something else with 
respect to the following aspects:

1. I proposed ways for documents (or fragments) to specify their 
language. (outside of the scope of NRL AFAICS)
This is very on-topic for this list, since it deals with the DocBook 
schema and with DocBook documents.

2. I was talking about versions and profiles of XML languages, which is 
very important IMHO.
I also listed some catalog fragments, this is where the two things 
overlap; but I need to be able to specify version and profile 
information in addition to namespace information.

> I suppouse that you will get more feedback on forums like xml-dev.

Yes, xml-dev and the W3C TAG list are appropriate forums for general XML 
issues. I was aware of that before posting here: The specific, 
practical, current requirements and use cases that arise while the next 
major version of DocBook is being designed require solutions that need 
to be discussed here. IMHO it is very important to start with looking at 
the requirements and scenarios of a specific language (on this very list 
right here) before proposing general solutions to the whole XML world. 
When people share their thoughts and ideas here, then perhaps we can 
reach a level of generality where it makes sense to propose general XML 

If you think that discussion of DBX5 is off-topic for this list or if it 
doesn't interest you, feel free to filter out all posts marked with [DBX5].



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