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Subject: DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 22 Oct 2003

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| DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 22 Oct 2003
| ========================================================
| The DocBook Technical Committee met on Wednesday, 22 Oct 2003 at
| 05:00p EDT (02:00p PDT, 21:00GMT, 22:00BST, 23:00CEST, 06:00JST+,
| 02:30a India+) for 90 minutes.
| Agenda
| 1. Roll call

Steve Cogorno
Paul Grosso
Dick Hamilton
Scott Hudson
Mike Smith
Bob Stayton
Norman Walsh


Jeff Beal


Mark Johnson
Nancy Harrison

| 2. Accepting the minutes[1] of the previous meeting


| 3. Next meeting: 19 Nov 2003

Action: Norm to find out about dialing in from Tokyo

| 4. Review of the agenda

Moved discussion of 810932 to 12b for Bob.

| 5. Review of open action items
|     a. Norm to follow-up on RFE 562343: <packagename> element
|     b. Norm to write better documentation for option/optional
|     c. Norm to describe how the prototype works and how it was constructed.
|     d. Mike to provide a better proposal for choicelist markup.
|     e. Mike to reconsider the annotation problem and post his thoughts.
|     f. Norm to propose bibliolist.

ACTION: Norm to put on the agenda for next month

|     g. Norm to add a code element.
|     h. Norm to update and republish DocBook 4.3.
|     i  Norm to post his stylesheet that attempts to convert existing DocBook
|        documents to the "V5" style markup.
| 6. Add float and floatstyle to table and informal table?
|    (Current float isn't present so I didn't add floatstyle)

Norm describes the current state of play in 4.3 wrt float and floatstyle.

Bob: add floatstyle to table but we won't propagate float to the other
elements as it seems redundant.

Dick: couldn't we just extend the values of float?

We could abandon "floatstyle" and extend the possible values of "float".
Then we'd add float to "example", "equation", and "table".

Steve: Is this allowed for informal things? Most editorial styles
forbid that because there's no way to refer to it.

We could abandon "floatstyle" and extend the possible values of "float".
Add float to "example", "equation", and "table".

Proposal: abandon "floatstyle" and extend the legal values for "float".


Float is CDATA, you can any style value you want, the value "0" and
"1" have legacy meanings: 0=don't float and 1=float any way the
processor wants.

Bob: Float is '0' by default.

Proposal: make "float" #IMPLIED in 5.0


Proposal: add 'float' to example, equation, and table (with #IMPLIED)


Paul: what about floating things that cover multiple pages?

Processing expectations can be tricky: consider floating a three page
table to the top of the next page, then floating a quarter page
graphic. We aren't specifying the precise semantics.

Proposal: add 'float' to informalexample, informalequation, and informaltable
(with #IMPLIED)


| 7. Elect secretary?

Mike: I nominate Bob.

Bob: I accept the nomination.

Proposed: The DocBook TC elects Bob Stayton Secretary.

Accepted. Congratulations, Bob!

Action: Norm and Bob to coordinate before the next meeting.

| 8. Remove uri from class values for systemitem (from july 2002)

Since we added an element for URIs, we don't need a class value in


| 9. F2F at XML 2003?

No. No possibility of quorum.

Norm notes that he'll be there. If enough people are interested, Norm
would be happy to put together a BOF/Nocturn or something.

| 10. DocBook V4.3

Proposed: integrate the changes we discussed today and republish.
Plan to vote on a CR1 release at the next meeting.

| 11. DocBook V5.0 (RELAX NG)

Norm describes some ideas for DocBook/TEI cross-pollination[2]

| 12. Annotations

Continued pending Mike's action item.

12b. RFE 810932: Citations

Bob introduces the proposal submitted by Bruce D'Arcus et. al.

Steve: expresses concerns about the style implications. Notes that
back-of-the-book bibliography styles (which aren't the same as
citations) eventually drove his authors to bibliomixed.

We'll publish this on the list for discussion and plan to invite one
or more of the proposal authors to the next telcon for discussion.

Dick: Should we treat this like graphics or math and import this from

12c. RFE 824633: Classname should be allowed in firstterm

We've added things to glossterm and not firstterm. That seems like a mistake.

General agreement.

Action: Norm to make sure that firstterm is isomorphic to glossterm.

Steve: Should we remove firstterm altogether and add a first reference attribute?

No one feels strongly about it. Leave as is.

| 13. Review of Requests for Enhancement
|    [ Consult SourceForge, I haven't had a chance to review these ]
|     To browse a specific RFE, enter the URL (on one line):
|       http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&;
|       group_id=21935&atid=384107&aid=XXXX
|       436067 splitting tech.char.class 

Overtaken by events, we're planning to rework 5.0 completely.

Proposal: close without action.


|       482818 Simplify ToC content model 

Proposal: adopt the simplification[3] for 5.0.


|       514435 Allow reference within refentry 

Proposal: reject

Violates the general high-level structure of DocBook. Suggest
reorganizing the content. We have adopted a proposal to allow multiple
refpurposes in a refentry which may address some of the needs
expressed in this proposal.


|       541444 caption in mediaobjectco 

Norm expresses that we need a uniform story for titles and captions on 
figures and graphics (and perhaps other formal objects).

Action: Dick will consider the broader problem and develop a proposal
        to attack the general problem.

Leave open until later.

|       543064 JavaObject tag

Leave open until Jeff is present.

|       562343 <packagename> element 

Leave open pending Norm's action.

|       565637 Associate non-inline image with link 

Address as part of general linking in V5.0.

|       574880 Add annotation element

Leave open pending Mike's action.

|       613293 Generalize programlisting

Observations that there are ways to do this. Some reluctance to add
new elements.

We could add a new element. Or we could add a new element *and*
simultaneously plan to remove programlisting and screen in the future

Action: Steve to take this idea to the list.


|       623524 (Re)Consider "choicelist" markup 
|       675024 form, script, applet support
|       686733 allow bibliography under <refentry>
|       698026 cannot embed <superscript> within <guibutton>
|       702185 add procedure as child of para
|       711815 Tagging for subtler breaks or "pauses" within a chapter
|       742373 Splitting Segmented List
|       742624 refentry and bibliography
|       798616 syntax="" or notation="" needed for code listings
|       810932 Improved citation support
|       824633 classname should be allowed in firstterm
|      The following RFEs are awaiting action items
|       413389 Enhance METHODNAME and VARNAME 
|       431411 RFE 70: add generic linking capability
|       522552 Add title attribute to <ulink> element
|       574880 Add annotation element 
|       613293 Generalize programlisting 
|       621564 New element Task and children
|      The following RFEs are identified as V6.0 or later
|       531851 Remove inline person name elements
|       532088 Remove RevHistory from qandaentry
| ---
| [1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook/200309/msg00037.html
[2] http://norman.walsh.name/2003/10/09/dei
[3] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook/200304/msg00051.html

                                        Be seeing you,

- -- 
Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | Absolute fate corrupts as
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | absolutely as absolute
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | power.--Eric Hoffer
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