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Subject: Re: [docbook] creating a catalog for docbook.dtd 4.2.1

Hi Christian

> I've installed Gnome 2.4 in my laptop, but I still haven't  been able to
> configure docbook 2.4.1 for working with it.
> I've tried to copy docbook.dtd in /etc/xml and editing the catalog  unsuccesfully,
> in facts the system said that it "couldn' t locate docbook 4.2.1 XML"

Some data points:
* DocBook DTDs typically consist of more than one file.
* There are DTDs for SGML and for XML, I recommend to author XML.
  (For DBX there are also RNGs etc.)
  docbook.dtd looks like SGML, try docbookx.dtd.

> Have someone a solution form my problem?
> I think it will be enough to create the catalog, but in how?!

Here's an example (plus a short explanation and some links):



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