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Subject: Re: docbook v4.2

Title: Re: docbook v4.2


There is an error in the file "calstblx.dtd". I get the message: "The entity %ho is used but not defined."

In the section:

<!-- This module contains the definitions for the CALS Table Model
     converted to XML.

<!-- These definitions are not directly related to the table model, but are
     used in the default CALS table model and are usually defined elsewhere
     (and prior to the inclusion of this table module) in a CALS DTD. -->

<!ENTITY % bodyatt "">
<!ENTITY % secur "">

<!-- no if zero(s),

<!ENTITY % ho ""> needs to be added since it is used further down the page.

<!ELEMENT table %ho; (%tbl.table.mdl;)>

Bob Confiant
Corel Corportation.
(604) 430-1966 x4418

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