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Subject: problems with automatic indexing

Hi everyone
I'm trying to use automatic indexing to generate my index, following steps included in docbook documentation, but I get nothing. I do this
> jade -t sgml -d c:\ts-doc\docbook\docbook-dsssl-1.78\html\docbook.dsl -V html-index c:\ts-doc\jadew1_2_1\xml.dcl book.xml
> perl c:\ts-doc\docbook\docbook-dsssl-1.78\bin\collateindex.pl -N -o bookindex.xml HTML.index
> jade -t sgml -d c:\ts-doc\docbook\docbook-dsssl-1.78\html\docbook.dsl c:\ts-doc\jadew1_2_1\xml.dcl book.xml
and when I open my book it has no index, only the title, and when I open the generate index this is the content
<!-- This file was produced by collateindex.pl.         -->
<!-- Remove this comment if you edit this file by hand! -->

I don't know why the generated index is empty, any idea?

Juan Raúl Martínez Gutiérrez
TechnoSoft de México
Tel: +52 (81) 83-17-40-71 ext 110
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TechnoSoft, Inc. Security Manager via phone at +1 (513) 985-9877 or
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