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Subject: Linux editors for DTDs?

I know this is not specifically related to this list, but I'd like to cover a 
broad spectrum of docbook/sgml/xml users.

Does anyone have experience with or can recommend a good (preferably Open 
Source but not necessarily) editor for working with DTDs?

I know this is pretty broad, but our requirements are along the lines of:

1. Needs to support DTD and/or Schema validation
2. Needs to have WYSIWYG support or nearly so for those users who are 
migrating from Word (mostly software engineers or similar).
3. Windows support mandatory (office requirement) and Linux support preferable 
(sanity requirement).

It will be used for writing a combination of User Documentation, Release 
Notes, Technical Documentation and possibly training material based on the 

Our existing documentation is principally in FrameMaker (sadly not structured) 
and I'm contemplating the move.

Under consideration are:
Frame (but no Linux support)
Epic (expensive)
Serna (fiddly, didn't really like it)

IntelliJ works for developers but I don't know about the writing 

Thanks for any advice,

David O'Brien
Sr. Technical Writer
Caterpillar MineStar Solutions

617 3329 8122
The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of meeting the 
schedule has been forgotten

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