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Subject: Parameter entities in XML (DocBook Website) and browser's inabilityto recognize their references!

Dear Bon Stayton,

A website is put together by Javad Heshmati 
(http://www.khakbaz.com/javad), using the DocBook Website DTD and XSL, 
Apache Ant, etc. In the latest version, which is not still released, my 
task as a contributor was to define parameter entities and store all 
entities in a repository that derives separate files containing olink 
and acronym references--among other things.

I did as I explained and built the website. It works fine, except the 
XML sources, which are not viewable, anymore. When the visitors happen 
to click on the XML source link, an error occurs because the entity 
references are not recognizable by the browser. It can't trace the 
entity path by nature. In fact, they can view the source of the error 
handled page and that's what they need, but it's not probably pleasant 
for them to do so.

I was wondering if I could process my XML sources, before putting them 
in evidence. By all means, a processor that can replace the required 
entities. For instance, the Apache Ant can handle it, can't it?

Have you already had the similar experience to use parameter entities in 
order for all entity references to be stored separately and show the XML 
source on a browser at the same time? Although, the XML source of 
DocBook documents (a book, for example), does not necessarily need to be 
shown, unless it's within an archive. If yes, you've doubtlessly 
influenced your XML documents before publishing them. But how? If no, 
what do you recommend me to do, to keep my entities in a repository and 
have a valid XML? (from browser's viewpoint, because in the new version, 
they have all been verified to comply with DocBook Website).

I've read the relevant sections in "DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide" and 
found the method that you've proposed to manage olinks (Linking between 
pages) matching my case. Is that really, what I need?

In the meantime, I would like to thank you for the decency you shown me 
in the preceding problem solving.

Sincerely yours,

Tools utilized along with their versions
Platform: Redhat Linux 8.0       
DocBook Website: 2.5            
Build Tool: Ant 1.5.4            
Web Browser: Mozilla 1.5, 1.2.1        
Java: j2se 1.4
XSLT Processor: Saxon 7.8        
Version Management: CVS 1.11.2-8    

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