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Subject: implementing images in DocBook


near desperation I´ve got a problem with my documents in DocBook (just 
starting to use this tool for company´s documents):
every tag concerning images (imagedata, guiicon etc.) is acceptede by 
Jade without complaints. Neverthless the rtf-file is never displaying 
any images.
I tried with different formats: no chance.
E.g.: the syntax as I´m using it:

<figure><title>The Command Menu after starting 
<imagedata fileref="figures/CommandMenuAfterStart.jpg" format="jpg">

What am I doing wrong?
Every idea is welcome!

Some additional information:
- OS: Windows XP
- DocBook V3.1

Thanks a lot

Dr. Wolf Rottke
- I E S -
Integrated Exploration Systems
Bastionstrasse 11 - 19
D-52428 Juelich

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