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Subject: Re: Change proposal for swedish localization

>>>>> "Kenneth Johansson" <ke-joh@sectra.se>:

> Hi,
> I have a change proposal for the swedish localization of DocBook:

>    <l:gentext key="NOTE" text="NOTERA"/>
>    <l:gentext key="Note" text="Notera"/>
>    <l:gentext key="note" text="Notera"/>

Not being Swedish, I still have to say that I would have thought
something like "Märk" would have been more appropriate...?

Lesse what the Norwegian localization says... hmm... for bokmål it is
   <l:gentext key="NOTE" text="NOTAT"/>
   <l:gentext key="Note" text="Notat"/>
   <l:gentext key="note" text="Notat"/>
(and the same for nynorsk "nn.xml").

That's not what I would expect when I write <note>.  I would expect
something like "Merk".  What are the exact semantics of <note>?

"A Note is an admonition set off from the main text.".

I'm not entirely sure that "Merk" is the right thing here, but I can
say for sure that "Notat" is not what I'd expect (a "notat" is the
kind of "note" you do in a notebook).

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