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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: Change proposal for swedish localization

måndag 02 februari 2004 14:29 skrev Kenneth Johansson:
> Information the user should be aware of, but is peripheral to the actual
> task being described. Notes does not contain information that is crucial to
> the documentation, though it may be interesting. A user can skip this
> without losing anything essential. A note should NOT be used as an English
> word for “OBS!” .
It seems Nordstedts "Stora Engelsk-Svenska Ordbok" disagree here. I wonder
why your documents exlicitly says otherwise. Nordstedts is the only authorative
reference I have at the moment.
> Note -> Notera
> Important - > Viktigt or Observera
> Caution -> (I'm not sure about this one but the dictionary says
> "försiktighet", "varsamhet" or "varning") "Se upp" is the obvious choice but
> has the wrong level of formality to it. 
"Försiktigt" is probably ok also. Docbook makes no assertions about the 
difference between warning and caution so maybe both can be translated as "Varning" (but
it's easier to debug if different texts come out. It is a little strange that DocBook has two
words and do not assign stronger semantics. (http://www.docbook.org/tdg/en/html/warning.html)

> Warning -> Varning

-- robin

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