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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: Change proposal for swedish localization

* Kenneth Johansson <ke-joh@sectra.se> [Feb, 02 2004 14:30]:
> My list is:
> Note -> Notera
Perhaps this is actually the best word for it...I do think, though, that
Observera would work OK.
"Note that this means that you cannot ..."
"Observera att detta innebar att du inte kan ..."
to use Notera, it would probably have to be rewritten as
"Det ar vart att notera att du inte kan ....  Daremot kan du ..."
> Important - > Viktigt or Observera
> Caution -> (I'm not sure about this one but the dictionary says
> "försiktighet", "varsamhet" or "varning") "Se upp" is the obvious choice but
> has the wrong level of formality to it.
How about "Beakta" for Caution?  A bit too formal?
> Warning -> Varning

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