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Subject: Re: [docbook] Using multiple modules

Sorry you didn't get a response.  I took a look at the problem, and
did not see a way to merge the DTD components without manually
editing. So I didn't respond, thinking perhaps someone else would.
And perhaps they will, since not everyone keeps up with the mailing
list on a daily basis.

Perhaps those files should be called "DTD customizations" instead
of modules, since you can't just plug them in.  There has been talk
over the years of making the DocBook DTD truly modular to handle
needs like yours, but it isn't architected for it now.

I think you have overstated the problems with DocBook, though.
"impossible to install"?  Hardly, since lots of people manage to
do it.  And you can get good PDF output.  I produced my
book using DocBook XSL to generate the PDF.  FOP isn't
quite there yet, but the commercial tools are.  I won't say
DocBook is simple, and there are many situations where it
isn't appropriate. But it does meet the needs of a lot of people
who manage to get it to work.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
DocBook Consulting

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Nikolai Weibull" <docbook-list@pcppopper.org>
To: <docbook@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Saturday, February 07, 2004 12:36 PM
Subject: Re: [docbook] Using multiple modules

> * Nikolai Weibull <docbook-list@pcppopper.org> [Feb, 04 2004 22:20]:
> > OK, I've gone nutty and want to use both MathML2 markup through the
> > math module and write EBNF's in the same document.
> I'm sorry that I'm responding to my own posting, but I was wondering why
> no one has responded before me.  Is this question totally retarded, is
> it completely uninteresting, does the question not make sense in some
> way, or is it fact that no one actually knows how (if) this can be done?
> For now I've combined the two into one, by basically concatenating the
> two and giving it a new name.  I don't see why the request of having
> both math and ebnf's in the same document hasn't come up before, and I
> find it weird that they are referred to as modules when there is no
> simple way of "including" more than one per document.
> Anyway, during the days it has taken for anyone to give me an answer to
> this question, I've switched to using CONTEXT for TeX instead, as it
> promises a lot of what I desire.  tbook would have been nice as well,
> but it's a bit too saxon for me at the moment.  I think DocBook is a
> great idea, and I love having both XHTML and PDF output, but it seems
> that too much is in flux at the moment (impossible to install,
> impossible to get output that looks good (PDF anyway), and simply too
> verbose (at least with the requirement of having math in the mml
> namespace "explicitly").  Anyway, I hope that things will stabilize soon
> and will definitely keep my eyes open for when it does.  Sorry for the
> rant.
> I'm still interested in knowing if anyone has an answer to my initial
> question, but won't keep my hopes up as I did initially,
> nikolai
> --
> ::: name: Nikolai Weibull    :: aliases: pcp / lone-star / aka :::
> ::: born: Chicago, IL USA    :: loc atm: Gothenburg, Sweden    :::
> ::: page: www.pcppopper.org  :: fun atm: gf,lps,ruby,lisp,war3 :::
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