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Subject: Re: [docbook] Using multiple modules

Hi Nikolai

On Sun 2004-02-08 Nikolai Weibull wrote:
> Lets hope DocBook 5.0 or some such will work this way.  There's
> always the RELAX NG version I suppose, which are a bit more flexible
> in this respect (or should be anyway).

Also check

> This remark was mostly made after having spent many hours trying to
> get various versions of DocBook (SGML and XML) to install and work
> properly.  Both with the whole catalog business that wasn't really
> solved in a standard and clean way until recently it seems

Standardizing the file locations for a certain OS may help in some
scenarios, but is not absolutely necessary in general. The OASIS XML
Catalog language is standardized; create one and make it visible to
your tools (eg via $XML_CATALOG_FILES), should work great.

In case it helps, here's how I do it:

> and due to bugs in many of the wrapper utilities.

I recommend using the tools directly, eg from batch or shell scripts.
Then you are less dependent on wrapper utilities.

> sgmltools-lite has this one bug that makes all catalog lookups fail
> and since it doesn't seem to be under development anymore it
> probably won't get fixed (I've fixed it myself after rediscovering
> it several times after reinstalls of my system).

DocBook is a language, but here you're talking about tools. (BTW I
recommend to use DocBook XML and not SGML)

> Also, a lot of problems with passivetex, xmltex, and xmlto on my
> current distribution has really limited my use of DocBook.

I suggest to send such feedback to the developers of the tools with
which you experienced problems.

> Anyway, that has finally been fixed and now that the FHS has made
> SGML and XML catalog and DTD locations standard everything should
> probably work a lot smoother.

Until then (and after that too) you can always set up your own system
in any way you like.


Vim users, don't forget to

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