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Subject: Re: [docbook] questions about the future of docbook (ng)...

Hi again,

There was some talk here and on Norm's website about
making docbook more modular. While this sounds like
a very useful thing to do, I'm not sure any more that
this is really enough (may be I should just wait to
see what Norm is going to propose...)

Today I ran into an interesting project to define
document templates (xhtml) for common software development
artefacts: http://readyset.tigris.org/

I believe this is exactly a domain where docbook could
shine. However, I wouldn't dare (nor want) to suggest
that the required vocabulary be added to docbook. Instead,
I think this would be a good candidate for a 'profile'.

So, may be modularity wasn't what I have been after, but
extensibility !

Are there any plans to make it possible for a future docbook
version to support domain-specific extensions like this ?
And again, I believe a 'docbook core' vocabulary could be
destilled out from the current docbook, putting everything
from 'classsynopsis' to 'quandaset' into profiles, too.
That way, there wouldn't be any need for an extra 'simplified
docbook' docbook. It would just be the core vocabulary.


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