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Subject: Re: [docbook] <emphasis> in <code>; syntax highlighting

Michael Smith <smith@xml-doc.org> wrote on Fri, 13 Feb 2004 18:39:40

> Instead of <emphasis>, why not just use another, nested <code> or
> a <literal>? e.g., <code>foo <code role="prgkey">bar</code></code>

Cool, you are absolutely right, I had not thought of that. <code> does
indeed nest and is allowed inside <programlisting> too. Thus, it
solves both of my immediate needs in an elegant way. This is what I'll

>> Is there a reason why <emphasis> is not allowed inside <code> (or,
>> %gen.char.class is not part of %cptr.char.mix;, or whatever)?
>> ...
>> Likewise, it would make a lot of sense to allow <emphasis> inside
>> other %cptr.char.mix; clients such as <userinput> and
>> <computeroutput>.

These observations still hold nevertheless, but their importance to me
personally has dropped substantially...


Justus H. Piater, Ph.D.         http://www.montefiore.ulg.ac.be/~piater/
Institut Montefiore, B28        Phone: +32-4-366-2279
Université de Liège, Belgium    Fax:   +32-4-366-2620

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