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Subject: Docbook guidance

Hi again,
Here are some of the details/concerns/questions of my project. My apologies in advance if I don't use the appropriate technical terms, since I am still learning about xml related technologies. I have an extensive background in publishing (InDesign, Quark, PageMaker, FrameMaker & Ventura) and web design (solid XHTML & CSS), but my programming skills are nil.
The problem involves the following challenges:
-Many cross-references and links: although I understand the basic concept of linking and cross-referencing with docbook, I am unclear on how to implement it. Does anyone know of good tutorials online?
-Entities: I am dealing with a dead language (pali) whose characters are not included in the Unicode set (the majority of them anyway). What is the best way of dealing with custom entities of this nature? In the past, I have simply altered the typeface by replacing the latin characters that I don't use in the ascii set with the ones I need. I could keep doing this temporarily, but it is not a viable long-term solution.
-Multiple languages: the document will eventually by translated in three languages: english, french and pali. I am assuming that mutliple language version is no problem when using the "lang" attribute.
-Versioning: I would like to be able to track different versions of the document as it evolves as well as the date of those changes. I am unclear of what attributes to use for this purpose, if possible.
-Ouput Media: the document will be ouputed as a personal website, suitable for handheld and printing. I assuming this is not a problem for docbook.
-Notes and sidebars: I know docbook has sidebars, notes and example elements, all of which I will use extensively. Is it possible through attributes to categorize them differently so they get a different visual treatment from the stylesheet? If so, what attributes (or other means) is appropriate for such a task.
I have looked at a lot of possibilities, but docbook looks like the only thing able to handle all the following requirements. The questions are the most important issues I have.

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