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Subject: Modifying Chapter Title Format


 I'm sorry if this question has come up before, but I don't see any
mention of it and guides like the DB.org Wiki, Documentation, various
faq's, and even Bob's excellent XSL book haven't helped me get my fingers
around this completely yet.

 I'd like to figure out how to completely restructure chapter title
layout.  More so than just removing the "Chapter 5:" the default "Chapter
5: My Chapter" as is stated in most guides.  I'd like to get really nice
pretty chapter titles like you'd see in an O'Reilly book, ie:
|      Chapter |
|            5 |
|     My Title |
|     -------- |

 It seems however that I need to modify the FO layout directly which I
think Bob's book eludes to being a table.  I've poked around in the
XSL distribution but I'm lost and guessing.  Is there anything out
there that addresses this problem for FO directly?  Several tutorials
address things like this but do so using HTML XSL; the FO combined
with the XSL/XSLT/XML/Xinclude/Xconfusing is making my head spin.

 Thank You.


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