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docbook message

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Subject: DocBook DTD

Hello, all!

I begininig with XML and i'd like to do the things well. By it, i want to use
all standars what it exists today.

I found DocBook and i understand it's a syntax XML to define information about
publications, articles and books among others. But, i don't obtain anywhere the

exact DTD or Schema about DocBook for a publication, article or book.

Where can i obtain it?


Best regards since Seville (Spain)

   Elvira Nieto Carretero
   Isotrol, S.A.

  Pabellón de España
  Avda. de los Descubrimientos s/n, Isla de la Cartuja
  41092 SEVILLA
  Tel.: +34 955 02 40 56
  Correo-e: enieto@isotrol.com
  Correo-e: encarretero@sadiel.es

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