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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: line break

Yoshihiro Toda schreef:
> Inserting <br> in DocBook always needs some way round.
> You can slightly modify XSL stylesheet, "inline.xsl" like:
> <!-- code starts here -->
[cut code]
> I just added "<xsl:if test="@role='dialog'"><br/></xsl:if>". You can insert
> this simply in your XSL customisation layer. Now if you markup a dialog like
> "...he said <quote role="dialog">...</quote>", then <br> (converted from
>   <br/>) is put before the quote.

This only works for HTML, I guess, not for printed content...

Thanks for your help! I'll try it out tomorrow and dive into xslt a bit.
Although it seems not to be something one can grab in a couple of
hours... ;-)


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