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Subject: DocBook XML 4.3 canonical URIs?

What would be the canonical URI for the DocBook XML 4.3 DTD?

The distributed DTD at




and this seem a bit counterintuitive to me. Not that I expect 
canonical URIs to be resolvable (this one isn't), but I'd expect 
something along the lines of


Now we are at it, to repeat this question from Daniel Veillard


"Since there starts to be some momentum toward using Relax-NG for
DocBook validation is there a (set of ?) canonical URL for example
on docbook.org to reference DocBook RNG schemas from a catalog?"

It would be nice to have an officially sanctioned URI, even if the 
RNG schema itself isn't official (and even if I really should wait 
for the resurrection of architectural forms or whatever).

Kind regards
Peter Ring

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