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Subject: Re: [docbook] "Fantasy" markup

At 17:14 01/05/2004, Michael A Nachbaur wrote:
>Jason Kircher wrote:
>>Although Docbook looks like it's more geared toward writing technical manuals

>I've been thinking the same thing myself.

>However, I believe adopting additional tags for different genres of 
>writing can only lead to madness and perdition.  For instance, "spell", 
>"magicitem", none of those tags have any place in my form of writing.
>Instead, terms like "scienceterm", "technology" and "stellarbody" would be 
>more appropriate.  I'm not recommending that these tags be adopted 
>however, since the vast number of writing styles would overwhelm.

Long time ago I remember commenting on Chapter 5 of 'Docbook, the definitive
guide', a book about Docbook. Chapter 5 is all about adding spells and 
magic items and scienceterm and stellarbody tags into docbook.

It will take a bit of thinking, and you may not get it right first time,
but I guess you'll get lots more out of it when you are done?



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