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Subject: Re: [docbook] HTML output aesthetics

Btw., these questions are really more apropriate for the docbook-apps 
list, which focuses on publishing docbook (rather than docbook markup): 

For the first question, the parameters suppress.header.navigation and 
header.rule let you control those things:

You should be able to customize the qandaentry template from 
qandaset.xsl in your customization layer for each output type. Something 
like this (untested):

<xsl:template match="qandaentry">

<xsl:template match="qandaentry">
    <fo:leader leader-pattern="rule" rule-thickness="1.0pt"/>   

Play with the attributes on the leader until you like it.


David Cannings wrote:

>I've just started using docbook XSL to convert an old SGML document I have 
>and all seems to be going well.  Bob Stayton's book at 
>http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/index.html has been an invaluable 
>reference so far.  I have a few questions about aesthetics however.  I've 
>checked the HTML reference [1] but cannot seem to see any options that do 
>as I desire.
>The first relates to HTML output only, I don't really want "Next >" and 
>the horizontal line at the top of my TOC. I quite like the old style 
>where the book title was the first thing on the page.  Is it possible to 
>remove this somehow or am I going to have to modify the XSL stylesheets?
>The second relates to all outputs, I have a qandaset but the spacing 
>between questions makes it difficult to distinguish amongst them.  Is it 
>possible to put a horizontal line or some form of spacing between them in 
>the output?
>Yes, I admit it is quite ironic that in one place I want to remove a line 
>and in another I'd like them added!  My apologies if these questions are 
>common or simplistic.
>1 -  http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl/current/doc/html/
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