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Subject: ANT & Java - the next step

Dear friends,

Just now I converted my first DocBook example to an Html file -
everything OK. I“m attaching the files I used to produce the output,
including a hand made 100% Java XML/XSL converter - to use (considering
you have j2sdk1.4.* installed): 

	java SimpleJaxp sample.xml

	sample.xml 		is the data input
	docbook.xsl 	is the converter available at the Oasis

The result is the screen, but you can redirect it with through the OS

	================ First stage complete :^) ================

Now, I'm thinking to extend my knowledge and to integrate it with the
rest of my default development environment...

My next questions are:

	- How can I use ANT + DocBook to maintain the documentation of
my Java project based?

	- Is there a set of XSL files related to the Brazilian Technical
Norms Association (ABNT)? as we got for LaTex ?

	- Where can I found good examples about the usage of DocBook as
assignments/homework publishing?

Best regards,

	Felipe Gaścho


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