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Subject: Re: [docbook] Using the chunker XSL style sheet to split a DocBook/XML FAQ into small pieces...

Bob Stayton wrote:
> Another option is to put each qandaset in its own section element, and chunk
> on the sections.  Put the title on the section instead of the qandaset.
> That way you can get whatever depth of hierarchy you need in your question
> collection, and the titles will automatically appear in the table of
> contents.

... but wouldn't that break the generation of the FAQ-in-one-file ? The
FAQ should be shipped in two forms: One _single_ file for the binary
distribution (e.g. RPM, *.deb, *.pkg, etc.) and the
one-file-per-QandAset version for the web page...

> The stylesheets don't include qandaset in the list of elements to chunk on.
> Adding them is not so easy because you have to handle all the Next and
> Previous and TOC stuff for chunks as well.




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