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Subject: Profiling conditions

Title: Profiling conditions

Hello all,

I'm trying to move our documentation to docbook.
The main reason for this is that we have several versions of our product and to keep the documentation synchronized is a hazzle.

The basic idea is that each new version includes features that were not present in older versions.
So I'm trying to use profiling conditions. My question is if there is a way to set a profile condition stating something like

condition=">v4.0" ?
Otherwise I would state
and condition="v3.5;v4.0;v4.1;v4.2"
and condition="v4.2"
and later when we add a version 5.0, I would have to add v5.0 in all these profiling conditions.

Thanks for any hints!

Best regards

        Johannes Paul

Johannes Paul
GUBSE Aktiengesellschaft
Bahnhofstraße 28
D-66578 Schiffweiler

Fon:    +49 6821 9646 - 0
Fax:    +49 6821 9646 - 110
WWW:    http://www.gubse.com & http://www.sihot.com
Email:  mailto:j.paul@gubse.com

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