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Subject: Re: [docbook] About Entities and DocBook

René Haché <rene-hache@shaw.ca>
06/08/2004 05:05 PM

        [docbook] About Entities and DocBook


Is it best to have just one huge XML file or many files "strung" together
with many entities? Keeping in mind that I have hundreds of topic to 
together, is it best to keep them all in separate files? If it makes a
difference, the topics vary from being very short to very long.

I think the decision depends largely on what you are doing 
with the files. For instance, if you have several authors
who can and will work independently on the individual topics,
then stringing the files together as you suggest might be a 
very good approach. That might also be a good approach if you
plan to provide access to individual topics, say by transforming
to a web presentation on demand.

Some questions to consider:

How likely are the information sources for topics to change?
How often?
Who can make those changes?
What kind of tools and expertise do they have?
How likely are you to need new topics?

I have not had reason to keep really large files in a single file,
but my work has been strongly biased toward making information 
available on the web. There are other domains with other concerns,
and I'm sure some people on this list have experience with those.



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