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Subject: Re: [docbook] Docbook combined with a website

Hi Frans

On Fri 2004-07-02 Frans Englich wrote:
> Is it possible to use such an combination? Several articles into one
> book?

Yes, eg

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE book
  PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.3//EN"
    <title>My Articles</title>

> Is it possible to simply view the docbook files of the web, or do
> they need to be processed first? (can they be viewed as they are in
> a browser, or do they need to be exported into a viewing format)

I suggest (X)HTML and PDF. You could for example use the
docbook.sf.net XSLTs, a manual is available at


Also check out




> Is XML Schemas not used for docbook because the standard isn't
> finished yet?  Because XML/XML Schemas are superior over DTD/SGML in
> general, right?

... and Relax NG is even better ;)

Seriously though, each of the three main XML schema languages (DTD,
RNG, WXS/XSD) has it's pros and cons. The main schema of the next
major version(s) of DocBook XML will be expressed in Relax NG


DTD and WXS (W3C XML Schema) versions will be offered as well.

> Docbook appears to me quite complex, with a high learning threshold.

DocBook itself as a language is not very difficult to learn, but
taming the toolchain can be annoying at times (especially if you want
to use an FO processor which is available under a Free Software
license). Per output format there's a set of viewers which you will
want to support, each has it's quirks and bugs (PDF viewers are not a
big problem, luckily). Then there are aspects such as accessibility
which can represent various challenges.

> I am comfortable with the various XML standards and DTDs. Is there
> some specific documentation for what I am trying to achieve or do I
> have to read the whole book?

While writing the documents (or marking up existing ones),


is invaluable.

Regarding the processing: You should check out the docbook.sf.net
XSLTs. If you choose to stay with them then Bob's book is a great
resource. (If you choose to write your own transformation app, then
you'll probably have to learn and read about the technologies you
choose for that task.)



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