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Subject: Validator trouble


I've just started learning DocBook and I like it (it looks a lot like
LaTeX).  I still have to learn a lot, so this is probably a stupid question...

I'm converting (old) HTML documentation to DocBook (manually of course).  I
still have a lot to do and I'm already facing some problemes.

The whole document is one book, divided into different parts.  The parts are
seperate files (which are divided into sections).

I'm using the validator on sf.net (http://validate.sf.net/) to validate the
sourcefiles.  I thought I was writing good XML, but the validator keeps
spitting out error messages.  It says that you have to declare the DocType
on the first line, but there I have my <xml ...?>.

What do I have to do to make it valid?

As I already said, I'm using multiple sources.  Do I have to declare the
DocType in every XML or just in the main XML file?

You can find the sources here:

Ben Branders                   http://bytewarrior.madoka.be

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