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Subject: Re: [docbook] Validator trouble

On Thu, 2004-07-08 at 19:07, Ben Branders wrote:

> I'm converting (old) HTML documentation to DocBook (manually of course).

I converted a lot of HTML files in a sem-automatiway using html2db:
that gives you a good starting point for editing.

> The whole document is one book, divided into different parts.  The parts are
> seperate files (which are divided into sections).
> I'm using the validator on sf.net (http://validate.sf.net/) to validate the
> sourcefiles.  I thought I was writing good XML, but the validator keeps
> spitting out error messages.  It says that you have to declare the DocType
> on the first line, but there I have my <xml ...?>.
you can also try tidy.sf.net

> What do I have to do to make it valid?
> As I already said, I'm using multiple sources.  Do I have to declare the
> DocType in every XML or just in the main XML file?
I guess it goes in the main XML, like the example in the tdg:



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