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Subject: Re: [docbook] Validator trouble

Ben Branders wrote:
> Hi
> I'm converting (old) HTML documentation to DocBook (manually of course).  

Why don't you do it automatically using db2html or docparse?

> The whole document is one book, divided into different parts.  The parts 
> are
> seperate files (which are divided into sections).
> I'm using the validator on sf.net (http://validate.sf.net/) to validate the
> sourcefiles.  

Why don't you validate them in a docbook build environment on the local 
machine? E.g. with xsltproc?

> I thought I was writing good XML, but the validator keeps
> spitting out error messages.  It says that you have to declare the DocType
> on the first line, but there I have my <xml ...?>.
> What do I have to do to make it valid?

I suspect the sf.net validator cannot parse the DTD or something like 
that. But I don't know.

> As I already said, I'm using multiple sources.  Do I have to declare the
> DocType in every XML or just in the main XML file?

If the files are not entities (it doesn't look like that), every file 
needs it's on doctype declaration. Then you validate and process each 
file on its own.

> You can find the sources here:
> http://bytewarrior.madoka.be/jabber/psi_docbook/

I just copied your file


into my docbook build environment and was able to produce html out of it 
without any problems. There where only three validation errors due to 
the missing slashes in two closing wordasword-tags and one closing para-tag.

Gisbert Amm

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