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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: Validator trouble

Ben Branders wrote:
> Gisbert Amm wrote:
>  >>I'm converting (old) HTML documentation to DocBook (manually of 
> course). 
>  > Why don't you do it automatically using db2html or docparse?
> Because I'm still learning DocBook and it would be too easy to use a
> convertor. ;-)

That's reasonable. On the other hand: you'll learn it anyway because no 
converter is perfect and you'll surely update and extend the 
documentation afterwards ;-)

>  >>I'm using the validator on sf.net (http://validate.sf.net/) to 
> validate the
>  >>sourcefiles. 
>  > Why don't you validate them in a docbook build environment on the local
>  > machine? E.g. with xsltproc?
> For writing XHTML, I always used the W3C validator to check to check the
> files.  I always thought an online validator was more up to date...

That's not the point here. The validator (a validating XML parser) needs 
to validate your document against the DTD. And the DocBook DTD is quite 
complex. Therefore I've guessed that the sf.net validator might have 
problems with it. But I did not try it at all.

And since you need a local environment to create HTML (or whatever) out 
of your DocBook files anyway which will include the validating parsing 
step, I just wondered why you do not use this for the validation of your 

Gisbert Amm

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