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Subject: Re: [docbook] DTD Customisation


Thanks for that.

I think I'd want to ensure that the authors were forced into the desired
mode automatically. For example, some XML Editors are context sensitive
and can offer only valid elements to the user depending on where they
are in the document. It would be nice if the authors were offered the
correct <section>s with the correct role attributes during document


On Wed, 21 Jul 2004 15:24:01 +0200, "Camille Bégnis"
<camille@neodoc.biz> said:
> Hi,
> given the type of customization you need, I'd myself better go to a 
> post-validation of your files with something like
> http://www.schematron.com/
> good luck,
> Camille.
> On Wednesday 21 July 2004 15:04, Mike Devlin wrote:
> > Hi there
> >
> > I'm part of a development team who have been assigned the task of
> > developing a documentation procedure for our company. We plan to use
> > docbook but it looks like we'll need to customise the DTD slightly. I
> > understand it's possible to create a customisation layer for the DTD to
> > allow this.
> >
  Mike Devlin

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