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Subject: Suggestions for a short ref section

I have the following structure for a section of documentation I'm working on:

     <title>Some part of the UI</title>
         <image tags for a screenshot>
         Overall text describing the part.

I want to add a short reference section inside the <sect3>, kind of like below:

         This button does function A; It is used in this way.
         This button does function B; It is used in this other way.

Just by looking through the DB ref, I could either use a <glossary> 
section, with each button being a term and the description being the 
definition, or I could use a <refentry> section, although it felt to me 
that the latter is designed for long page-length reference sections.

What do other people use for this kind of thing? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Joel Konkle-Parker

NASA Langley Research Center
Vehicle Analysis Branch

Phone   [757-864-4446]
E-mail  [joel.j.konkle-parker@nasa.gov] 

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