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Subject: Re: [docbook] DTD Customisation


Have you considered having your authors work from a template that had a
skeletal structure with <section role="topic"> etc.  already in place?

Also, what editing application you plan to have your authors use? Some
editors provide a way to define and insert boilerplate text. So you
distribute a customized version of the editor that had an "Insert Topic"
menu item somewhere, and your authors could just select that to insert a
skeletal "topic" structure for each new topic they want to add.

I'm pretty sure you could set up Arbortext Epic to do something like
that. Maybe you can with some of the other commercial apps. And I'm sure
you can with Emacs, because I use it and have it set up with an custom
menu for inserting skeletal DocBook structures for all kinds of stuff
(specialized refentries, procedures, figures.

Mike Devlin <mike_devlin@fastmail.fm> writes:

> Hi there
> I'm part of a development team who have been assigned the task of
> developing a documentation procedure for our company. We plan to use
> docbook but it looks like we'll need to customise the DTD slightly. I
> understand it's possible to create a customisation layer for the DTD to
> allow this.
> Our documents will have a strict structure as follows:
> <book>
>   |___<preface>
>   |___<chapter>
>   |     |
>   |     |_<section role="topic">
>   |     |  |_<section role="overview">
>   |     |  |_<section role="detail">
>   |     |  |_<section role="wrapup">
>   |     |  
>   |     |_<section role="topic">
>   |     ...
>   |
>   |___<chapter>
>   ...
>   |___<appendix>
>   |___<index>
> ie: Any number of topics inside any number of chapters but each topic
> MUST have the 3 children "overview", "detail" & "wrapup". This is
> because different, related information must go in each of these with the
> possibility of a sub-set being output to PDF when published.
> What mods to the DTD would I need to make to ensure that a Validator
> will only accept documents in this format?
> Tia.
> MikeD

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