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Subject: Re: Re: whitespace at the beginning and the end of element content

* Wolfgang Jeltsch <wolfgang@jeltsch.net> [Oct 31, 2004 20:00]:
> > I don't know of any processing system that doesn't treat a newline
> > like a space (outside of verbatim environments, etc.) so they're ok.
> > The indents are going to be in your content.
> Do you really mean that you cannot use indentation in XML code???  If
> this is true then it is not possible to write clear XML code, and I
> wonder how people should be able to edit XML documents with a text
> editor.

As norm already said: "As a general rule, it's significant in any
element that allows text and insiginficant in elements that only allow
other blocks."  Use indentation, just not where it matters...

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