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Subject: [docbook] Newbie... automatic legal notice doesn't generate


I can't get the automatically generated legal notice to appear 
on the title page of an HTML document. I've looked through
docbook archives, but couldn't find anything that seemed to
relate to my problem... 

1. I'm using cywin on MS XP, docbook xsl 1.66.1, docbook xml 4.4
2. In my custom chunk stylesheet, I have 
<xsl:param name="generate.legalnotice.link" select="1"/>
3. When I process with xslt, I get the following error
message: No template matches legal notice in book.
4. If I use my custom htmlhelp stylesheet, I get an additional
error message when I compile with hhp: The following file
did not compile: ln-id4722473.html

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much
Centre for Sustainable Watersheds

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