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Subject: Re: [docbook] guidelines on accepting RFEs for DocBook

I would be happier if the final paragraph were omitted and
critierion (c) were revised to say "The change is of general
benefit to the community of users" or "of wide benefit".

Or if we are to keep the final paragraph, I'd like it better if it
said something more like "The more widely beneficial to the
overall user community that the requested change appears to be,
the more likely it is that the TC will implement it."

Nancy P Harrison <nancyph@us.ibm.com> writes:

> [I was asked to wordsmith guidelines on this topic for this meeting]
> =====================================================
> The DocBook Technical Committee, as part of its commitment to maintaining 
> DocBook, responds to Requests for Enhancement (RFEs) submitted by the 
> DocBook user community. The likelihood that a submitted RFE will be 
> implemented is determined by the degree to which it meets the following 
> criteria:
>     a.  The change is within the scope of the TC's charter.
>     b.  The change is consistent with the existing DocBook model.
>     c.  The change is beneficial to the community of users. 
> The implication of criterion (c) is that if only one user or company needs 
> a particular change, the TC is likely to recommend a local customization 
> to acheive the desired result.
> =====================================================
> We can discuss this at the meeting.
> ____
> Nancy Harrison
> IBM Rational Software
> Phone: 781-676-2535
> nancyph@us.ibm.com


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