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Subject: Re: [docbook] element to use to display as large


On Mon, Nov 22, 2004 at 06:06:04PM -0800, Douglas Wade wrote:

> Is there an element which will render about twice the size. I have
> some text that I would like rendered larger, and I do not want to
> make them graphics. Something that I could use in the element para
> as an example. The list of elements are so large, it is taking me
> too long to find examples of what each element will render like.

The short answer is no: in general, DocBook elements are supposed to
denote the meaning of their content, rather than how it is to be
displayed.  Have a read of this section of 'DocBook: The Definitive


You certainly can, however, achieve what you have described.  The
quickest solution would be to mark up the text you want larger as
something like:

	<phrase role="large">large text</phrase>

You would then need to add a custom template matching on
"phrase[@role='large']", and cause the appropriate styling in the
output.  You didn't specify an output format, so I'll leave the rest
as an exercise.

A better way would probably be to identify the class of text you want
larger, and see if there's an appropriate element to represent that
class.  Assuming that it's an inline element, and it doesn't render to
double-sized text (I don't know of any inlines that do), you would
still need to write a custom template to handle the styling.

By all means, provide some more details if you need more specific


w  http://logicsquad.net/
h  http://paul.hoadley.name/

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