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Subject: Loading DocBook schema into Word 2003

Hello DocBook users,

did anyone have success loading docbook schemas in word 2003? Here is what I

1. Downloaded the 6 xsd files (4.4 RC2).
2. Opened Word 2003.
3. Added docbook.xsd as a schema.
>> Word forces me to type in the appropr. URI for that schema. Is there a
default one?
4. Word complains that this schema has relationships to others which will
now be loaded. -- OK.
5. After some minutes this loading results in an error:
>> file<colon>///<path>/dbpoolx.xsd#/schema/attributeGroup[21][@name =
'graphics.attrib']/attribute[3][@name = 'format']
>> Typ 'notation.class' is either not declared or no 'simpleType' (my
English for "... ist entweder nicht deklariert oder kein "simpleType")

Does anyone know how to handle this situation?

Best regards,

Franz-Josef Knelangen
Std. Discl.: "All this has to be turned into *decent* English!"

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