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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: Inline term definitions

Norman Walsh wrote:

I hope that I don't missed anything as disk in server of mail service 
provider crashed during weekend, and some e-mails were lost.  :-(

> On further thought, I think I'd rather restructure the proposal this
> way:
> element termdef {
>         common.idreq.attributes,
>         (db.all.inlines* & glossterm)
>         }
> I think that would be less confusing than promoting "term" outside
> of varlistentry.

+1 for me. I think that this proposal is more in shape with glossary 
that previous one. I can see termdef as sort of "inline glossentry".

> I'm still fairly neutral on whether or not to lose 'firstterm'.

I don't think that we must remove it. I'm just curious what rationales 
are behind this element.

TDG says: This element [firstterm] marks the first occurrence of a word 
or term in a given context.

I don't know what "context" should mean in this context :-), but if the 
function of firstterm is to emphasize first occurence of some term there 
is no need for marking it up in a different way than glossterm. Current 
processing tools are powerfull enough to infer that we are on the first 
occurence of some term inside document and that special processing is 

I would like to see comments on this issue from people who are using 


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