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Subject: Two Questions

All -

I apoligize if these questions should go to the docbook-apps mailing list 
instead, but I thought I would try here first.

Here is my environment:
Fedora Core 3 Linux with the standard Open Jade and DocBook rpms.

Question #1:

When Acrobat creates a PDF you can include meta data in the PDF. This can 
include the document title and the author name. How do you get that 
information included into the PDF using the standard Linux tools? Some of 
the meta data is filled out but the title and author fields are always 

Question #2:

Either Tex or Open Jade is translating single quote characters ('27'x) 
into a curly single quote ('92'x) in the PDF. This includes single quotes 
that are in a <programlisting> tag set. When a Windows user cuts and 
pastes from Acrobat Reader into a text editor the '92'x characters are not 
translated back to '27'x characters. However, on a Linux box the cut and 
paste action always translates '92'x back to '27'x. This is most annoying 
as cut and paste of a programming example is totally non-functional for 
Windows users when the example includes single quotes. How do I correct 

Any and all help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
W. David Ashley
IBM Linux Technology Center
Open Object Rexx Team
Home Office: 512-246-9106
Mobile Phone: 512-289-7506
IBM Phone: 512-838-0609 T/L 678-0609
Intranet: David Ashley/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
Internet: dashley@us.ibm.com
Alternate Internet: dashley@holmes4.com

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