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Subject: Re: XLink and OLink in Docbook 5

> * Jirka Kosek <wvexn@xbfrx.pm> [2005-02-16 16:28:49 +0100]:
> 3) olink
> This mapping is not so straightforward as targetdoc in olink is not URI
> but rather identifier pointing into olink database. So one possibility
> is to use real URI of referenced document instead of symbolic name:
> <link xlink:href="target_doc_URI#targetptr">...</link>
> instead of
> <olink targetdoc="target_doc" targetptr="targetptr">...</olink>

this is not an adequate replacement.

In early 2000 Norm wrote:

"I have built link management tools that don't require ulink, based
on olink. If you have a lot of links, it's probably worth considering.
OTOH, if you've just got ad hoc links to random external documents,
ULink is probably the way to go.

In the future, you'll be able to use XLink, too."

Now, IIUC, <olink> is gone from Docbook 5.
XLink, as I can glean from a cursory look at <http://www.w3.org/TR/xlink/>,
uses URIs, and is therefore equivalent to the old <ulink>.

So what is the recommended way to create inter-document link in Docbook 5?
E.g., I have a <book> and a <refentry> which link to each other.
I produce 2 versions of html from <book>: chunked and single file.
I produce 1 html version of <refentry> (but it is heavily



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